About me

Hi there!
My name is Edmund Ophie.
And you can call me Edmund.
I am a software engineer and I’m currently working in Jakarta, Indonesia.

In the past, I’ve been working in Bandung and Singapore. And from my experience, I found Singapore as one of the greatest place to live in. I really hope someday I could get back to the country to work again, with a better job ofcourse lol.

Professionally, I’ve done some frontend projects in the past, especially mingling with vue.js quite a lot, but my jobs have been mostly spent in the backend side, working with c# and java stack. Lately, I’ve been trying to relearn and deepen my frontend knowledge, especially in react and css.

Back then when I was still in college, I loved to climb mountains. The highest mountain I’ve climbed is Mount Semeru, which is the highest mountain in Java and also the third highest in Indonesia, located 3600++ meters above the sea level.

Me with the background of sunrise at the summit of Mt. Semeru

Nowadays, I love to explore stuff around the web development technology in my free time. Currently, I’m trying to make it a habit to put what I’ve learned into writing in this blog. In the future, I expect that I could fill up this blog more with software engineer material. Occasionally, I also like to spill my random thought in here.

If you need to reach me, please feel free to ping me at edmund@ophie.io